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    Welcome! Hello, I am Alayna and I offer intuitive readings and astrology readings. I am a messenger. My perogative, is to realize the power and necessity of the messages coming through for you, and then determine how best to convey them to you. I use the tools of psychic ability and astrology provided by our Universe to help you to find your connection with your truth, and your higher self.  Everyone goes through periods of life that seem incomprehensible; all of us have moments when we see a huge unknown between ourselves and our ambitions in life. It helps tremendously to be able to access information that would otherwise be unknown. Consult me and I will use my abilities as a channel, clairvoyant, empath or astrologer to give you the advantage of accurate insight. More importantly though, I will help empower you to access a confidence and trust in your own intuition and personal being.  We are here to become our own power, and thus realize our relationship with the greater circle of all things in the world, and in the Universe.  My astrology readings are always seasoned with psychic insight, and often I will glance at a chart before doing a psychic reading. My rate is the same either way, and I'm happy to fully combine my psychic and astrology readings completely, upon request. Click the links under Astrology Readings and Psychic Readings to learn more about how these work!

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